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Breathtaking Vistas

by Randy Mack and Heidi Faulkner

Some properties have a certain draw, a way of capturing your imagination and not letting it go. Often times, a home has one characteristic, the main focus, that runs through every aspect of the property, setting it apart from all of the others. Moments after stepping foot on 4059 Burnside Road, one can easily identify this stunning property’s unique signature.

With awe-inspiring views of the majestic Mount Saint Helena ridge tops, Sonoma County vineyards, redwoods, and valleys below, this Spanish-inspired home will capture your heart. Enjoy the privacy and seclusion on approximately 7.35± acres, nestled in the hills of the beloved West County. This home features exquisite architecture that was thoughtfully designed to capture the breathtaking views in each room and frame the artistic distinction of profound natural beauty outdoors. 

The 4,182± square foot home includes 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. The outdoors is brought in again through the use of materials found in the natural environment. Faux wood beams mimic the forest found outside the back door and are matched to the rich wooden-frame windows found throughout the home. The floor tiles and stone are a warm earthen brown, with rustic, old-world, and rich colors mirroring the hues found in the surrounding hills, easily seen through the many large windows.

This home’s architecture is meticulously calculated to maximize the view from every location in the home. The whirlpool tub is set in a large bay window, helping you wash the day away while bathing in the setting sun. The luxury kitchen is oriented so that entertaining friends and family are simultaneously comfortable and awe-inspiring.

Enjoy pursuing your culinary goals while enjoying the incredible views in this gourmet kitchen complete with a Thermador 5-burner gas cooktop and warming drawer, granite kitchen island, dual under mount sinks, built-in wine rack, informal dining area, custom cherry wood cabinetry, and a built-in refrigerator.  Bring your wine up from the naturally temperature-controlled, 800± bottle wine storage closet – built below the frost line – to your kitchen in the classically charming dumbwaiter.

Many details of this home bring not only comfort but also an appreciation for the artistic design of the home. Renowned Marvin windows with low-E-tinting frame the landscapes outside. A locally sourced, custom-forged iron staircase banister welcomes you upstairs, as well as the custom solid wood doors and crown molding, with Peldaño Portuguese tile throughout. The entire home is wired with Cat5 ethernet, built-in security system, and custom doorbell chimes.

The master bath is a spa-like escape with the Aquatic Century whirlpool hydrotherapy bathtub with reheating element, steam shower and Japanese Toto toilet with bidet, all in the tranquil master bathroom adorned in travertine tile, vessel sinks and views of the valley and vineyards below your mountain top retreat.

Additional amenities include a 20 x 20 upstairs office complete with built-in desks, bookcases, and stunning views. A dedicated laundry room with Corian counter space which is plumbed for both gas and electric. There is an on demand hot water heater with recirculating pump and a dual-zone heating system.

The property includes 7.35± acres of lush countryside overlooking the Mount St. Helena ridge tops. From the property, you can gaze upon vineyards, redwood forests, and the peaks and valleys that make up our beloved Sonoma County.

Outdoor amenities include a total of (5) 2,600± gallon water storage tanks housed under the deck. 4 tanks are reserved for irrigation and are sourced from the roof’s rainwater runoff, and 1 tank contains filtered water from the well.  Also included is an underground fire suppression water tank.

The 557± square foot garage can occupy 2 cars and the outside decking measures approximately 1,960± square feet.

There is something about the view at this property that begs you to come back and gaze at the great expanse in front of you. Everything in this home and in the property that surrounds it is dictated by that stunning view. Windows become picture frames and decks become platforms for the imagination. Come and take a look for yourself and see why we think this property is truly spectacular.


Homestead or Hobby Farm

by Randy Mack and Heidi Faulkner

Have you ever wanted to live off the land? Become a crusader in the “farm to table” lifestyle? Get your hands a little dirty to reap rewards that give life to you and your loved ones? Maybe, just maybe, you are ready to take the next step and own and live on (and off of) a hobby farm or small homestead.

One of the main parts of having a small homestead is growing food. This food can stand as a supplement to shopping at the market, or be the only food your family eats! There are so many reasons to start growing food on your property that span from the political, economic, to the environmental. But with increased exercise and healthy eating, it’s hard to argue that the benefits aren’t huge! What’s the best part? All of this is more than possible even when homesteading on a small property.

As with many things, a well-researched plan can make for an efficient homestead. There are a few key elements to understand before beginning your hobby farm.

  1. Know your property - Climate and soil are just as important to a well-working homestead as is the layout of your acreage. Both organization (where living, gardening, and animal-keeping will occur) and environment can factor into, not only a productive property but also an efficient one. Also, what type of different buildings are on your property? What are your neighbors like? How is your land zoned?
  2. Make realistic goals - This well-known advice applies to hobby farms as well. Understanding your end goal will help plan your homestead. What size garden can you manage successfully? Will you keep animals? Will those animals be productive (chickens), or aid in the care of the farm (horses)?
  3. Research what to do once you have produced something - Start learning now what grows seasonally and how to preserve food if there is a surplus so you can enjoy your food all year around. Do you know how to milk a goat?
  4. Be patient - Be patient with your plans, your goals will be ever-changing. Be patient with yourselves, you’re learning and changing, too. Be patient with your seedlings, your chicks, and your property. Things take longer than we expect and there is a good reason for that. Meditation in order to learn and change, yet again.

So, if you’re ready to make a healthy change and you already have a property, go for it! If you are looking to make a move and start your self-sufficient life, something like our Petaluma listing is perfect since it has a little bit of room for everything, with 80 gently rolling acres, an original farmhouse, caretakers homes and half acre pond. Additionally on the property is a fully equipped horse property featuring three large barns, four smaller barns, paddocks, round pens, 7 cross fenced pastures and over 60 acres of fenced pastures. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running… or planting.

For more tips and continued reading see the links below:



For Sebastopol Sellers, a Pre-Sale Checklist

by Randy Mack and Heidi Faulkner

© Kiosea39 |

Selling your ​Sebastopol home is the kind of major undertaking that has so many facets just deciding where to start can delay liftoff. Since there is no actual “right” place to begin, like other mammoth projects, just digging in anywhere will do. The happy truth is that when you’re selling a home, once momentum gets going, the rest of the pieces tend to fall into place.

To get the ball rolling, here is a pre-sale checklist of major activities that selling your Sebastopol home will entail. To get started, pick any one:

  • Nagging problem elimination. Very few of us attend to every home maintenance problem as they gradually develop. If there were a reliable poll on the subject, I’d guess that 95% of Sebastopol homeowners have at least a two or three areas that we’ve learned to live with—but which will need to be attended to before we get very far toward selling our home. Identifying them is a pre-sale first step…then fixing them is the action item that transforms the idea of selling your home into reality. 
  • First impression inspection. Any time you return from an outing you have the opportunity to get started on what will become your marketing approach. Do this by stopping and seeing what kind of first impression your property makes on someone setting eyes on it for the first time. What seems least fresh and appealing? Is it fencing that could use a quick coat of paint? A planter that needs colorful blossoms? The numerals on the mailbox? Selling your home starts with favorable first impressions.
  • Lights! Camera! Action! An essential element to get prospective buyers clamoring for a tour is the photography that highlights your Sebastopol listing. To start preparing for that, pick a room—any room—and stage it: clear it of unneeded objects, furniture, etc (to see a complete staging tip list click this link). This will entail figuring out where to store the objects that you want to keep, but which clutter up the visual appeal…and once you’ve identified where they will be stored, you’re seriously on your way to selling your home.
  • Getting down to business. Educating yourself about the competition means taking a look at this spring’s area listings to get a feel for where the market is. Which comparable homes have just sold, and which haven’t moved for months? Your home may not be ready for market for a while, but the earlier you start familiarizing yourself with today’s local real estate market, you better the odds that your listing price will be right. 
  • Exit strategy. (Our favorite of all) Be prepared to move! Any action you take in this direction, be it checking out reliable moving companies or beginning the hunt for your next house makes selling your home that much less of a long shot.

Each of these is a step that begins to transform the idea of selling your Sebastopol home from a looming cloud of uncertainty into a doable certainty. We didn’t even mention the easiest and surest pre-sale checklist item. It’s one certain to get the ball rolling: 

Call us!     

Growing Boutique Wines

by Randy Mack and Heidi Faulkner

© Robert Kneschke |

Some of the best products come from small-scale endeavors. Wine is no different. In Sonoma County, the boutique wineries are some of the most spectacular, not only for their wines, but also for the ambiance and the passionate people associated with these small grape farms. The small-scale viticulture in the area helps promote a farm-to-table lifestyle and community.

With many of the area's small wineries being multi-generational family affairs. It takes hard work and a lot of love to make these farms successful. Keeping the operations small and intimate is not only a goal (one area winery aims for the whole process to be a one-man show) but a commitment. This self-imposed size limit the vintner's promise to the people who visit and drink their wine so that they feel more like family than customers. With the home-like ambiance and the friendly farmers, it’s a good thing there are so many opportunities to visit and taste the wine from the small farms in Sonoma.

© Cookamoto | - Vector illustration 

There is so much that goes into making a great wine, but not so much that you can’t grow some successfully at home. A lot of the success (as with much in life) is in the planning. Factors such as ripening season, weather, water source and control, sun exposure, and pests all have to be considered, and issues abetted before grapes can really flourish. Only after all the careful planning can you pick your grape!

Now take a minute and think about what you could do with your very own small scale, Sonoma county winery… What if the property was already turn-key, ready for you to move in and grow, harvest, and drink? One property in the area provides opportunity. This 7.32 acre property and home is conveniently located to offer the best of town and country life. Since all of the planning is well past completion, enjoying the 4.25 acres (4,514 vines) of Pinot Noir and 0.25 acres (180 vines) of Chardonnay is just a harvest away. So many of the planning issues have been resolved when you invest in a property such as this, with a water storage tanks for both the home and the crops and the properties own 200 foot deep well.

Caring for your own small-scale vineyard is full of hands-on work that can fulfill your love of the great outdoors. From watering, to fertilizing, and weeding and pruning, there are so many opportunities to use your hands, that making this a family affair, or hiring some outside help, can help maximize the enjoyment factor.

Harvesting your grapes and making your wine can be a learning process. The timing of harvest is just as important as the how. But once you have a fully harvested batch of grapes, ready to make into wine, the real fun begins. Making sure you have the right equipment is essential in a successful wine-making experience (there’s that all-important planning part again). Keeping your area and tools clean and inspecting the grapes has to happen before and during the wine-making process. After making the grapes into juice, fermentation is the process that is a little skill and a little magic (well, microbial activity, but winemaking is definitely a little magic). After fermenting and racking the wine, the wine can be bottles, sealed and shared. The fruits of your labor can finally be realized (and enjoyed, of course).

Now all you have to do is sit back, take a sip, and decide how to share your grapes (and maybe your wine) with the world!

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