Home Staging Success

Home Staging Success


google map to real pro systemsWhether you are preparing your home for sale or want to freshen up the space,  these tips and tricks of the trade will help you make your home look and feel it’s best.


1.  Clear out the clutter.  Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space; seeing your personal collectibles and storage prevents them from doing so. Leave only necessary furniture, keeping in mind that you want the space to look big, clean, spacious, and uncluttered.

2.  Freshen up the style.  Aim for a style that most buyers would like, even if it’s not your favorite. Furnishings that seem homey and comforting. Neutral colors work best, creams, light greys, and white. Add colorful touches here and there in your accents such as pillows, a well-placed vase, or piece of art.

3.  Don’t forget the details. Set the table. It’s easy to do and makes a big impact. Buyers walk in and instantly feel welcome, like as if they’re coming over for dinner. Light non-scented candles, place plush towels and fancy soap in the bathrooms, set out a breakfast tray on the bed, or a pretty book on the coffee table with fresh flowers in the living room. 

4.  Play with texture. Wallpaper, pillows, rugs, blankets, baskets, and other tactile accessories can add texture to the look of any room.

5.  Smart accessories. Clear the kitchen counter of appliances, spice racks, towels, and cooking utensils. Leave only a few things, for example: a cookbook, a shiny teakettle and a bowl of lemons. 

6.  Small furniture equals big space. Downsize your furnishings to upsize the room. If the room looks tight to you it likely will to potential buyers as well.  Take some of the furniture out to create more visual space.

7.  Create vignettes. Setup small “scenes” that help buyers visualize their potential life in this home. A quiet reading space with a comfy chair in the bedroom or a lounge chair under a tree in the backyard, give some thoughtful ideas to buyers as they walk the property.

8.  Don’t forget the outdoor areas. Those spaces add as much interest for the buyer as the interior rooms. Add an outdoor rug, small table and bistro chairs, a few plants to your backyard and a well-placed urn or small tree on the front porch.  Remove all dead plants and trim all overgrowth. Remove any broken chairs, tables or unsightly play structures.

9.  White is nice. When in doubt, use white in the bathroom. It spells clean, and that’s what buyers want in a bathroom.

10.  Don’t be afraid to paint.  Paint is the most impactful change you can give any house for the least amount of money.  

11. Replace the front door.  Studies have shown that replacing your front door has the largest return on investment and adds instant curb appeal.


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